You Need To See This Hilarious Jeremy Corbyn Karaoke Twitter Account

A parody Jeremy Corbyn Twitter account has been hitting all the right notes on social media – by reinventing the left-winger as a karaoke singer.

The spoof account, named Corbyn Karaoke, imagines a world in which the Labour leader is an ardent karaoke enthusiast by tweeting the lyrics to famous pop songs above images of him appearing to sing them.

From I Am The Ressurection by the Stone Roses, to Let It Be by The Beatles, Twitter users have been requesting Corbyn renditions of their favourite karaoke classics by tweeting #SingToMeJezza along with their song choice to the tongue-in-cheek account.

One tweet sees him reenacting the iconic music video for The Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony, while in another, he’s pictured next to shadow cabinet member Dianne Abbot belting out the lyrics to I Like Big Butts by Sir Mixalot – a nod to their supposed romantic entanglements.

Whether Corbyn is aware of the account, which has almost 3,000 followers, is unknown, but in an ironic turn of events, the socialist was videoed singing happy birthday to a victim of the Cumbria floods today, blurring the lines between reality and parody.

Corbyn’s real or perceived karaoke credentials aside, these are some of his greatest hits:


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