Watch This Soldier Go FULL NUCLEAR On A**hole Trying To Burn the American Flag


Hatred for America is on the rise once again in the Age of Obama, and along with that has come increasd disrespect for the symbol of America: Old Glory.

In one recent event, during the April 17 demonstration in Valdosta, Ga., a veteran was taken into custody after rescuing a flag from abuse during a demonstration at Valdosta State University.

That incident in turn led to the F*** Your Flag! challenge on social media that caused a firestorm of its own.


Those Black activists vandalized and scrawled anti-White slogans on a Marine veterans flag last week, as their hatred exploded.

For those citizens who are not sure what to make of this: you may be thinking too much.

Heres a reminder of those who acted up against a grungy prick named Ben Haas, who planned on reading an anti-American manifesto and then burn our flag at Louisiana State University, along with some fellow hippie creeps.

He didnt even get close to doing either.

Thats because 2,500 pissed off students showed up and shut down his little protest.

In the amazing footage captured by one of the students in 2011, the irate college kids begin to surround the hippie, drowning out Haas voice as they chant, U-S-A! U-S-A!

When a Soldier in uniform joins in, and begins yelling, MY BROTHERS DIED FOR YOU!!! things really begin to intensify, as the students begin pummeling the man with water balloons.

Thats right. Hey, hey, goodbye, creep.

So the next time you see America haters about to stomp or burn our flag, you might remember those fine folks at LSU, and tell them: No way. Not in my country. Not on my watch.

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