VICTORY! Israel Just Announced They Killed The Top Hamas Commander


This is a very big deal.

From INN and FoxNews:

Israel Defense Forces announced Friday that they have successfully eliminated a vital threat from Hamas, killing many Hamas commanders and one top military leader in ground clashes today.

Israeli ground troops fought Hamas terrorists, hitting a Hamas military command post, as Gaza continued to fire rockets at Israel.

Israel National News gave the names of the terrorists killed:

Salah Abu Hassanein top military leader and propaganda minister for Islamic Jihad;

Hafez Mohammad Hamad top terror commander for Islamic Jihad in the Beit Hanoun (northern Gaza) area who is directly responsible for the rocket fire on Sderot during escalation leading up to Operation Protective Edge;

Hussein Abd al-Qader Muheisin top terror commander for Islamic Jihad in Sheijaya;

Akram Shaar top terror commander for Islamic Jihad in Khan Younis, who is directly responsible for both rocket fire and terror attacks in Israel;

Mahmoud Ziada top terror commander for Islamic Jihad in Jabaliya, responsible for upgrading Islamic Jihads arsenal and directing fighting against Israel during Operation Protective Edge;

Osama al-Haya terror leader for Hamas in Sheijaya, whose son is in Hamass political wing;

Muhammad Shaaban a senior commander of Hamass naval forces;

Ahmad Sahmoud Hamas commander in Khan Younis;

Abdallah Alahras commander in the Hamass military wing, the Al-Qassam Brigades.

Good for the Israeli Defense Forces. We will continue to keep them in our prayers.

Below: An IDF solider emerges from one of the Hamas terror tunnels that was going to be used by the Muslim Brotherhood organization to carry out a massive attack on Israel in September, according to U.S. and Israeli intelligence.


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