Japanese Parents Are Sharing The Hilariously Weird Ways Their Kids Fall Asleep

Japanese parents have been snapping and sharing the weird, inventive and downright uncomfortable ways their toddlers have fallen asleep with the hashtag #MyChildrenOutOfCharge.

There’s this guy who just gave up.

And this sleepy girl who couldn’t make it through playtime or yoga without nodding off.

This boy found a place to rest his head and stopped caring about the rest of his body.

So did this one.

This little girl was oh-so-close to the comfy chair but ran out of batteries before she could get there.

This girl thinks sitting upright is, like, so mainstream.

And this guy just wanted to work on that core strength while he slept.

This girl channels the ‘sloth-on-a-branch’ nap style.

And this boy’s breakfast was just sooooo boring.

This girl realized it was Monday.

This brave soldier said to go on without her.

“I’ll catch you guys up.”

There’s nothing cosier than the cold metal of a shopping cart.

This boy doesn’t seem to be pulling his weight in the family cycle.

And this little baby made it all the way to bed yet somehow ended up with his legs out the window.

Napping can be tough.

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