How Long Does Menopause Last in a Woman

How Long Does Menopause Last in a Woman?

Women are planners by nature, and most women who are getting anywhere near menopause are probably asking questions like: when does menopause start? How long does menopause last? These questions can be tough to answer in one fell swoop, but this post will help you better understand when you will start to see changes and how long the symptoms will last.

The window that encompasses the beginning of perimenopause to the cessation of all symptoms is generally between two and ten years, with outliers who go through the transition either more quickly or more slowly than the average. Most women experience their own menopause stage between their mid-forties and their mid-fifties, although some will occasionally report hot flashes well into their 60s. For every scenario, medical professionals are well equipped to assess your particular symptoms and duration and to recommend options that can provide relief when those symptoms interfere with your quality of life.

Only by answering these questions can we really determine How Long Does Menopause Last in a Woman..

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