Enzoplex receives Federal Trademark

July 22, 2016 –  Universal Body Labs’ Enzoplex recently received its Federal Trademark with a serial 87064450. Enzoplex is an all-natural relief to pain and inflammation. Based on the clinical trial and groundbreaking research conducted on this natural supplement, its entire natural ingredients have dramatically shown positives results in reducing joint pains and inflammations without hazardous side effects unlike other counterparts and prescriptive medications.

Enzoplex is unique and powerful because it is enzyme-based. Based on Multiple Double Blind and Placebo Controlled Studies, natural enzymes are proven to significantly and effectively reduce swelling and have the ability to repair and prevent the underlying causes of inflammation.

The enzymes that Enzoplex contain have shown efficiency on the course of fighting inflammations of all forms such as inflammations in the digestive system, the joints, and the important organs of the body. The instant and effective relief from these inflammations is the result when the enzymes are already breaking excessive fibrin and dead tissues as it eliminates the defense mechanism of the body, which is what we call inflammation.

With Enzoplex, the body is able to get rid of the burdens brought by the growth of fibrins and the problems caused by dead body tissues. This natural supplement hereby allows fast and effective healing process that can instantly bring relief to people who are suffering from different types of inflammations.

Aside from the tested and proven fact that Enzoplex can break down fibrin growths and dead tissues in the body, it is also known to be a very healthy alternative to NSAIDS (ibuprofen or aspirin) and other powerful steroids, which are mostly used as pain relievers.

You can visit http://enzoplex.com for further information about Enzoplex.

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