Classy Sassy Styled Tweezers Set

Classy Sassy and Styled have released their amazing new tweezers set.

This new tweezers set includes a set of the 4 most useful tweezers you will ever need.



  • FINE POINT – Perfect for plucking the thinnest of shortest of the hairs. This style is also ideal for tweezing ingrown hairs or even removing splinters
  • FLAT TIP – These are ideal for removing unwanted facial hair and body hair. The perfect tweezers for eyebrow maintenance and nail art
  • CLASSIC SLANT – Ideal for tweezing brows as the edge can grab hairs while the point can be used for more precise plucking
  • SLANTED TIP – Great for long stubborn hairs and false eyelashes. They are easy and fast to use. The large tip allows for general tweezing and the tip can be used for more precise work like applying false eyelashes effortlessly
  • CARRYING CASE – Convenient carrying case so you can throw these in your purse and use when ever you need a great tweezers


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Classy Sassy Styled Tweezers Set


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