BREAKING: Radioactive Material STOLEN in Mexico Authorities Issue Regional Alert


Above: Members of the Mexican Civil Proteccion check a truck around the site where radioactive material was stolen in Tultepec, north of Mexico City (AFP)

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

The Mexican government warned Friday that a vehicle containing radioactive material has been stolen, and issued a dire warning to the thieves against taking the potentially deadly material from its protective container.

Thats if they are indeed mere thieves and not terrorists. The AFP reported:

Federal civil defense officials said the vehicle had been transporting deadly iridium-192, a radioactive substance used in making some industrial products.

The substance can be dangerous for human health if removed from its container, the officials said in a statement, adding that the material can be lethal even if handled for only a brief time.

The theft in Mexico state prompted officials to issue an alert throughout the capital region and in neighboring states.

A similar incident occured in December 2013, when thieves stole a cargo truck containing highly radioactive cobalt-60, apparently unaware of the deadly cargo within the vehicle.

The Mexican government later claimed the material was recovered. Several suspects were arrested in in case, however the material was never presented to the public, media or experts, and some local officials still believe authorities failed to recover it.

This time, however, the material is far smaller, in a casing about the size of a pen, and may be more difficult to find or detect.

Its a good thing our border is air tight and impenetrable.

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