19 Amazing Scenes That Almost Destroyed The Actors

It’s been said that pain is temporary, but film is forever. Perhaps that’s why some of cinema’s best scenes come from making actors suffer. Whether it’s being put in a barrel with raw fish or having to eat it, saying something nasty about another character, or sharing a sex scene with them, there are plenty of things that can make an actor uncomfortable on set. If they’re lucky, the scene can be done in just a few takes, but some of these scenes can take literally months. Here are 20 amazing scenes that actors hated shooting.


20. Captain America: Civil War.

The first teaser trailer of Captain America: Civil War features a shot of Steve Rogers stopping a helicopter from taking off with his bare hands. Chris Evans beefed up even more for his fifth outing as Captain America, and the filmmakers wanted to show this off by having him actually strain against a crane holding a helicopter. This gave the effect of Evans’ very real muscles bulging, and co-director Joe Russo said that it’s the most powerful shot of the film.

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