15 Most Mysterious Celebrity Deaths

People love good mystery stories. Nobodys sure why, but unsolved mysteries seem to make us more alive since they break the illusion of having total control over our own lives. We tend to identify with the participants in these profoundly moving and often scary stories, and we are left with haunting thoughts about the secrets that were never completely revealed. Of course, everything is more fun when celebrities are included, which makes our obsession with mysterious celebrity deaths a bit more reasonable. Who killed them? Did they even stand a chance? Where did it all go wrong? There are so many questions and yet, very few or no answers at all. We made a list of 15 most mysterious celebrity deaths and the most intriguing questions nobody has answered yet.

Source: www.truemichaeljackson.com

Source: www.truemichaeljackson.com

1. Michael Jacksons mysterious death led to numerous conspiracy theories and it seems like nobody really knows how and why Michael died. The King of Pop passed away in 2009 of acute propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication, which caused a cardiac arrest, the official cause of singers death. However, many people are still wondering whether Michael was actually murdered because there are many inconsistencies about his death. One of this inconsistencies is that the timing of the news medias announcement of his death does not match the hospitals official story.

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