15 Hottest Twins in Sports

In the words of Michael Corleone – Why have just one when you can have two or maybe even three? Thats the philosophy behind this list, and thats the reason that so many people find twins absolutely irresistible. When you consider the amount of commitment and talent that it takes to become involved in professional sports or cheering, its amazing that there are even any twins who managed to rise to that level with one another. Yet, here they are, and were all the happier for it. Some of them are racecar drivers, some of them are cheerleaders, and some of them are even triplets! So, come take a look at the 15 hottest twins in sports!



1. Emilia and Erika Nystrom

These identical twins have made a name for themselves by playing for the Finnish Womens Beach Volleyball Team. Obviously, the fact that they both play beach volleyball is a boon for all of us, because we get to see these two jumping around on the beach in their swimwear on a regular basis. These twins have chops too, by the way. Their team brought home the bronze medal in the 2010 European Championship.

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